Iron Cross: IC Show @ Myaw Sin Gyun Park, Yangon

Here are some photos of Iron Cross (IC) Music Concert which was held on 26 October 2011 at Myaw Sin Gyun Park, Kan Daw Gyi, Yangon. Myanmar famous singers; Lay Phyu, Ah Nge, Myo Gyi and Wyne Wine performed for this concert.

ေအာက္တိုဘာလ (၂၆) ရက္ေန႔က ရန္ကုန္၊ ေမ်ွာ္စင္ကြ်န္းမွာ ျပဳလုပ္ခဲ့တဲ့ အိုင္းရင္းခေရာ့ (Iron Cross) / အိုင္စီ ရဲ့ ဂီတေဖ်ာ္ေျဖပြဲ
Myanmar Famous Singer, Lay Phyu @ IC Show, MyawSinGyun Park on 26 October 2011

Myanmar famous singer, Ah Nge  @ IC Show, MyawSinGyun Park on 26 October 2011

Wyne Wine  @ IC Show, MyawSinGyun Park on 26 October 2011

Myo Gyi @ IC Show, MyawSinGyun Park on 26 October 2011

Iron Cross Show (IC Show) @ MyawSinGyun Park, Yangon
Held on 26 October 2011
Photos by Ko Tun
Photos of MyanmarCelebrity.Com


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  2. 6/11/11 ေန႔ SG မွာေတြ႔မယ္..

  3. အိုး..........ျမန္မာႏိုင္ငံက နာမည္ႀကီး ေရာ့အဖြဲ ဆိုတဲ့ စတိတ္စင္ကိုလဲၾကည့္ပါအံုးကြာ..........

  4. ဟုတ္ပဗ်ာ..စတိတ္စင္ကလဲ ၿဖစ္သလုိေဆာက္ထားသလား မသိပါဘူး..

  5. Hi IC when you all singing on the state dont let the other peoples stay on the state, look so ugly on the state must have only IC group

  6. i agree with sky and also with athimchae & chubby cheeks.even technicians keep out of view on stage in foreign concerts. u can check it out in videos. freeloaders , hanger-ons , families relatives of the performers etc. should not watch on stage near the band on stage.

  7. ပညာအဓိကထားတာ စင္က ဟိတ္ၾကီးဟန္ၾကီးေတြ မလိုဘူးေလ ေနရာကလဲ သိပ္မွမက်ယ္ပဲကို..



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